US Custody

In the United States, Deutsche Bank serves the community through a domestic custody solution

The challenge

Foreign clients may require access to the US market. They need to be serviced through a hub or from the US directly.

The solution

Deutsche Bank has built an extensive network to service clients intending to access the US market.  Domestic (US) clients that have little to no need for international access can use Deutsche Bank’s robust and straight through custody solution. Settlement to the two primary securities depositories, DTC and FED, are seamless and integrated into the Deutsche Bank offering.

The Deutsche Bank advantage

The scope of services include:

Instruction - SWIFT

  • RTGS and Overnight Request
  • Cancel Request
  • Repairs
  • Partial Settlement
  • Pre-Match
  • Trade Confirm Affirmation
  • Alleged Trade
Fails & Inventory
  • Reclaim Notice
  • Loan Tracking / Buy In Notice
  • Notices
  • Client
  • Advice
  • Statement
Asset Servicing
  • Announcements, Pre Advice and Notice
  • Entitlements Notice

Instruction - non SWIFT

  • Web-based Instruction
  • Fax/Email Instruction
  • Cancel Request
  • Repairs
  • Partial Settlement
  • Trade Confirm Affirmation
Fails & Inventory
  • Reclaim Notice
  • Loan Tracking / Buy In Notice
  • Generated by TLM
  • Issue Resolution (Jacksonville Ops)
Asset Servicing
  • Entitlements Notice
  • Instruction
  • Claims
  • Meeting Notification
  • Proxy Voting
  • Income Collection

Ad hoc services

  • Registration & Safekeeping
  • Physical Safekeeping
  • Safe Settlement
Client Servicing
  • Standard Client Reporting
  • Web-based Client Reporting
  • Local Market Hours
  • Extended Hours
  • Dedicated Support
  • Market Information
  • Client Scorecards
Cash Management and Funding
  • Native Currency
  • Foreign Currency
  • Funding
  • Standard FX
  • Standard 1099, domestic
  • Standard 1042S, foreign
  • Non-Standard 1042S, foreign
  • Underlying tax, domestic or foreign
  • Invoicing
  • Cash Debit

Supported instruments

  • Cash
  • Debt - Corp Bonds
  • Debt - Govt Bonds
  • Depository Receipts
  • Equities
  • ETFs
  • Physical Securities
  • REITs
  • Warrants
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