REIT Administration

Property companies looking to raise funds by establishing a real estate investment trust (REIT) are often faced with the challenge of navigating various regulatory requirements and legal obligations during both the initial offering stage and the life of the REIT. Clients can turn to us as a licensed provider of administration and trustee services, providing them with the knowledge and expertise to effectively oversee the REIT.

The challenge

Issuing a REIT provides property developers with the opportunity to raise capital while continuing to control and benefit from its property management functions. However, they will often face complex regulations governing different investment decisions, assets and ownership structures.

The solution

An experienced trustee can act as an effective intermediary between investors and the REIT Manager. While able to provide guidance to the manager, the trustee must always exercise due diligence in protecting the interests of unit holders, and overseeing and facilitating the smooth functioning of the REIT while ensuring the manager is operating in line with the trust deed and relevant laws.

DB Advantage benefits

Trusted intermediary
As trustee, we can provide guidance to the manager, while ensuring compliance with contractual and regulatory responsibilities. As the intermediary between the manager and the unit holders, our experience and expertise allows us to ensure the effective administration and supervision of the REIT.

Our extensive experience with REITs allows us to provide support on the practicalities and technical aspects of the deal; and as one of the major REIT trustees in the Asia Pacific region, we have consistently been in demand to handle the major REITs offerings.

Single point of contact
We assign staff to specific transactions in order to comprehensively administer and service the REIT throughout its lifecycle. Our dedicated Client Service team is your first point of contact for all your services and requests. The team’s in-depth knowledge and experience of a wide range of projects provides you with the peace of mind that your transaction is professionally serviced.

Quality control
Our dedication to maintaining a highly controlled environment helps minimize risk and protect client reputation. Our procedures ensure that all transactions are subject to verification, outstanding issues are escalated appropriately, and client inquiries are handled promptly. Dual control is enforced for payments and other key procedures.

The features

  • Account Bank
  • REIT Trustee
  • Document Custody
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