Account Operator Asset Servicing at Investor CSD

T2S brings fundamental change to the post-trade securities settlement landscape in Europe. Taking advantage of the opportunities created by T2S will present significant benefits. Meeting regulatory reform will require adapting existing account structures. One benefit of the interconnectivity of CSDs in T2S, is the mobility of assets and collateral. This is an area of significant focus as clients look to meet the increased capital and collateral requirements from regulation.

The challenge

How can you take advantage of the harmonized benefits of T2S and be able place your assets, or those of your clients into the established tri-party programmes?

The solution

Our solution for T2S at the Investor CSD combines our asset servicing solution with the collateral mobility of an Investor CSD tri-party programme. This provides balance sheet relief and access to the right collateral, in the right market, at the right time.

Deutsche Bank Advantage

Adopting Deutsche Bank’s Investor Services - Account Operator solution to T2S, our clients benefit from a range of significant advantages.


Thought- leadership
  • Our Market Advocacy team has a reputation in the market for providing an influential and consistent message on behalf of our clients.
  • We have representatives on key T2S committees including: CSD steering Group, Advisory Group, Harmonisation steering Group and DCP governance Group
  • We recognise the extension of T2S functionality as an infrastructure, beyond the initial set of participating markets
  • We have been at the heart of the T2S project since it began
  • We are providing full functionality in T2S from Wave 1 Go Live
  • Senior level commitment to growth and opportunities in a post T2S environment  
  • We are Directly Connected Participant’s (DCP) to T2S in each major Eurozone market
  • We have been providing Account Operator solutions for over 10 years
  • We have a proven track record of experience in extensive harmonisation projects in the Eurozone, recently T2 and SEPA. We are also advising governments and financial institutions on the ASEAN stock connect project in Asia
  • We provide dedicated solutions for over 6,000 clients

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