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Research shows that providing value-added content on the topics that matter to our audiences helps build powerful and long-lasting relationships. Through our website and thought leadership magazine, flow, we deliver timely insights about the world of transaction banking and our role within it. Whether it is an important piece of research, graphics that provide greater clarity on key issues or transaction case studies, our stories – written by both internal and external experts - are tailored for corporate and institutional clients worldwide.

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The business world is constantly changing, presenting both challenges and opportunities. Our clients need to be aware of key issues around regulation, market evolution, globalisation and industry developments in what can be a highly complex environment. By combining our expertise and market experience, and by leveraging our position in transaction banking, we partner with our clients to help them embrace, adapt, navigate and, ultimately, drive change.

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  • David Watson

    Clients, Technology, Trade Finance

    Shaping the digital world of tomorrow

    David Watson, Global Head of Product Development of Deutsche Bank's Transaction Banking business talks about how the bank sees digital as transformational for the banking industry and how the bank's continued investment in its digital foundations will drive future growth and change.
  • Video_Seminar_Blockchain_Overview_RelevanceOutlook.jpg

    Cash Management, Trade Finance, Trust and agency services, Securities services, Technology

    Video Seminar Blockchain: Overview. Relevance. Outlook.

    There has been much talk about blockchain in recent months. In our latest video, Christoph Woermann, Head of Marketing, Global Transaction Banking (GTB) at Deutsche Bank asks Rhomaios Ram, Managing Director at the Bank’s Digital Bank and Edward Budd, Chief Digital Officer, Global Transaction Banking to explain blockchain and its implications and relevance for clients, the bank and beyond.
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